This is some of my 3d Work. I use Zbrush Dynamesh to sculpt my high res model then I decimate the mesh so it can be imported into 3D Coat where I like to retopologize my models. Once the low poly mesh is created I bake the normals in 3D Coat and create a normal map. From there I paint the diffuse and specular maps in 3D Coat as well. The Big Bad Wolf is an example of this process. Once the model is created I can do a basic rig in maya to pose him for the turnaround. I usually render my turnarounds in Unity 3D.

Big Bad Wolf

I followed similar steps for creating all of the assets in this demo. I created the characters and the environment and the props. I even rigged and animated the characters. The ui elements were also created by me.

The character below was created as a mascot for a company called Pokey Toad.

This is a simple low poly mouse character created for an app game.

Below is a Trex Zsculpt